Tired and Disappointed ? 🧐

Rishabh Jain
September 8, 2020

It is human nature to plan things and to expect, rather prefer things to work out as planned. But that doesn’t really always happen does it ?🤔

I have seen people getting disappointed and at times really angry just because something didn’t work out as planned. Is it actually worth losing our peace of mind ? In fact does the feeling of anger or despair help us ? No right ?

So what to do ? Should we stop making plans for ourselves ?

Of course not, but I believe that one should always have a plan B ready , so that in case something goes wrong, we can accept things and start executing our plan B.

One such incident happened with me today. I had to attend meeting that got scheduled on a very short notice, so I quickly got ready and was rushing for the same . I was right on the clock, however 10 minutes prior to my meeting I got a text asking me to reschedule. 🙄😒

Now, I was really excited about this appointment and had all my homework done for getting the deal. But didn’t work out, I don’t even know when this meeting will happen. I was feeling so disappointed and a little irate too, but then I just realized how I need to accept what happened and adapt, make other plans , wrap up work in that area, schedule a pending meeting or something. Because at that time the only way of coming out of despair was to be productive.

So I did that , and eventually ended up spending a very productive day, which wouldn’t have really happened had I been at home just working on my laptop.

The lesson I learned was that anything that happens does happen for the best . It’s not just a fancy quote been overused by our parents 😋

So make plans but be proactive and plan for any disruptions as well. Be flexible, stay positive and know that only the best is happening with you. Aite? 😇


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